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Daniel G. Starowicz, P.A.

and associates



International 00-1-239-603-6100

Skype: dan.starowicz


Premiere Plus Realty, Co.

4020 S. Del Prado Blvd Ste B-2

Cape Coral, FL 33904

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How to find the EXACT right home using this site!

Tips & Suggestions on how to BEST conduct searches for Southwest Florida homes for sale

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Customized search options

Continuing where we left off on the page before:

Go ahead and select the cities you wish to search in.  Note that in order to select multiple cities just hold the CONTROL (CTRL) button down while selecting all of them.  The same is true for any field in which you wish to choose multiple options.

You may also search by zip codes instead of cities, if you are familiar with them.  Just click the small ZIP code button below the list of cities.

STATUS: I highly recommend that you  select ACTIVE each time you do a search. Reason being that will ensure that you aren’t viewing any homes that are already pending sales under contract (contingent) or Active Cont[ingent] Short Sales, that also are already locked up under contract, but are awaiting the bank’s approval of the deal.

Now that you know all the general guidelines by which to search, the rest of the parameters are purely up to you. The list of options is extensive- but search however you like! If you get too few results, simply go back by again selecting “Modify Search” once viewing the results page.

advanced search example for Cape Coral

Select from the following

The options you can specify from can be seen at this link.  There will be some variation between the Ft Myers and Naples markets, but in the Greater Fort Myers MLS (which includes Cape Coral, Ft Myers Beach, Sanibel & Captiva, Pine Island, etc) besides all the typical search criteria you can select from the following:

  • Year built
  • Foreclosures (include or exclude)
  • Short sales (include or exclude)
  • Waterfront
  • Gulf Access
  • Specific areas of town
  • Specific subdivisions
  • Exact price per square feet
  • Community type (ex: gated)
  • # of Acres
  • New construction?
  • Lot square footage
  • Waterfront description **
  • Private pool
  • Spa
  • View
  • Dock included?
  • Restrictions (ex: 55+)
  • Garage # of spaces
  • Is it a detached or attached garage
  • Width of canal
  • Carport # of spaces
  • Den
  • Communitiy amenties
  • Pool description
  • Pet restrictions
  • Type of construction
  • Central Water? Assessments paid?
  • Central Sewer? Assessments paid?
  • Rear exposure/ orientation
  • Furnished sale?
  • Remarks: keyword search
  • HOA required?
  • Elevator?
  • Irrigation system?
  • Lease restrictions?
  • Type of roof (ex: tile)
  • # of stories tall
  • Unit floor
  • Paved road?
  • ...and many more!

    A few of these criteria could use a little more explanation, so let me describe a few a bit more:

    Waterfront: because many of the visitors to this site are seeking waterfront property be sure to checkmark this!  Note that this alone doesn’t ensure boating access though. Only that the property is indeed waterfront.

    Gulf access: if looking for boating access to the Gulf of Mexico and open waters, be sure to select yes to this field. Note that in certain marina style communities (ex: The Landings in South Ft Myers), Gulf Access might actually be, say, at the end of the block down at the marina instead of directly behind the property. If you are ONLY interested in having the boat right in the backyard (as is very typical in Cape Coral), it would be recommended to check yes to BOTH waterfront and Gulf access. If you are more flexible, checkmark yes to requiring Gulf Access, but leave the waterfront field alone.

    Foreclosure: you can choose to view ONLY foreclosures by selecting YES, you can exclude them by choosing NO, or you can allow them in the results, but not exclusively restrict yourself just to foreclosures by leaving the field alone.

    Short sales: same thoughts as above. Given the long time frames needed to close some short sales, buyers who are in a hurry, with specific move-in deadlines or who don’t have the patience to deal with a short sale may wish to omit them!

    Community type: If you require a gated community, highlight gated here. Golf course communities can be selected here as well.

    Waterfront description: this is an important one!  Again, because a lot of buyers here are searching for waterfront note that it’s this field where you can specify what kind of waterfront you are after.  If you absolutely require sailboat access or are trying to accommodate a large vessel, say one that in the water is taller than most of the area’s 9-11.25’ tall bridges, select G/A via no bridge.  If you are after beachfront, select Gulf Frontage.  Riverfront seekers, choose River Frontage.  Those who are looking to have Gulf access, but are just looking to accommodate a more typical 20-26’ vessel or so: you likely don’t need to really specify anything in this field. Just be sure you checkmarked YES to Gulf Access higher above. 

    Boat/Water Access: be a bit careful with this field. While it’s a good addition, the implementation isn’t great, as not all agents really select all the corresponding options.  Ex: on a home with a concrete dock, a wooden dock and a boat lift, many of the fields technically should have been selected, but the agent inputting the listing may only have selected “Dock Included” and “Boat lift private.” If you searched only for “wooden dock”, you’d miss it. Therefore, use this field as necessary, but I recommend being fairly liberal in this case and check marking a lot of the options. That way properties with any of the checked characteristics will display.

    Restrictions: For those who happen to be looking for 55+ age restricted communities, you can select that here.

    Canal Width: you can specifically limit results here to only the real wide canals (151’+), if desired.  They will of course be priced higher, accordingly.

    Construction: Many homes are the area are made of Concrete block construction, but not all.  You can specify your requirements here, as desired.

    Pet Restrictions: Want to ensure your pet is allowed?  Be sure to highlight a few fields here. I’d suggest check marking all options except “Not Allowed” to obtain the best results.

    Rear Exposure: Have a strong preference for which way the back of the home should face? Select here. Hold down the Control (CTRL) button to select multiple options.

    Furnished: A percentage of area homes are sold furnished or “Turnkey” furnished, meaning everything from the forks and knives to the sheets on the bed. If you require a furnished sale, select from the choices here. HINT: As some will be listed as Partially Furnished, others as Negotiable and yet other simply checkmarked “Furnished” I’d recommend highlighting all those choices. Otherwise you may inadvertently omit some properties from your results.

    Remarks: This is a versatile field that allows you to keyword search. Say you were seeking only deep water depth properties.  A keyword search for “Deep Water” here could be useful.

    Unit Floor: perhaps you are only after a first floor unit?  Select it here.

    Next up, we’ll go over a few practical points about viewing the largest photos available, important HOA fee info and saving your favorite listings.  Later, we will also get into alternative ways to ensure you can view properties that just hit the market and pros/cons to the website results vs. the actual Realtor MLS system and how you can sneak around any system shortcomings. 

    View the largest photos

    You can view ALL existing photos of each property in the LARGEST possible format on this site. After all, I realize how important these photos are to potential buyers! 

    To do so is quite simple, upon viewing the details on a property, simply select “View Photo Gallery” as indicated in the image to the right.

    FYI: If there’s an available virtual tour it too will be displayed pretty clearly on that property detail page. Just scroll down right below those pics to see if there is indeed a virtual tour link.

    HOA fees

    Depending on what kind of property you are considering, homeowner association fees (HOA fees) are certainly something you’ll want to take into account as well. 

    All condos and townhomes will have them, most any villa, and certain Single Family Homes will too, especially those in gated communities, golf course type of neighborhoods and the like.

    The amount of the fee can vary greatly from one to the next, depending upon what is included.  Most area condo and townhomes will start around $300/month, on up.  More prestigious communities should be expected to be a bit higher.

    Single family homes depend more on if the association maintains your lawn and landscaping, bundles community amenities (ex: golf, social memberships), provides a manned guard at the gate, etc. They typically start around a couple hundred dollars a month for simpler neighborhoods that perhaps have an electric gate, a community pool + tennis court, and some common area landscaping.  The more elaborate communities again would be expected to be priced a bit higher.

    As an example, note what I’ve circled in red to the right. In this case it’s $921/quarterly.  Some associations will be monthly, some are quarterly so don’t inadvertently confuse the two.  In this case it works out to $307/month- a very reasonable figure.

    Results example

    Please be aware some communities may also charge a MASTER association fee as well, so review all the details on the listing!  For example, a large country club community with a section of townhomes may charge $375 per month for the mini-association PLUS they may have a $1200 per year master association fee too. The townhome’s mini-HOA may cover some insurance, a community pool, reserve accounts, etc. The master association may be for the guardhouse, common area landscaping, a larger community clubhouse and pool, road and sidewalk upkeep, common area lighting, etc.

    For those looking at Cape Coral single family homes note that virtually none of them have any corresponding HOA fees, as they are just on typical suburban streets and are not within any actual developments.

    Next up: Saving your favorites, your searches, and staying informed.

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